Why I Quit Medium in 2021

Why I Quit Medium–The Simple Truth

Just when the captains were changing their shifts, and the helm was given over to new vibrant and invigorating team players. When I had finally become accepted by three well-known publications. One of which I received a cute rejection letter from just a few months prior. I quit medium.

I know you would remember way back in November 2020   when I wrote the article about finally finding a place that I could express myself and write about every aspect of my life: as colourful or colourless as it can be. You can find that here-: LINK 

And you will be as surprised as I am that I am already giving up. But I am not leaving the platform altogether, just my subscription as a payment partner. The avenue through which writers get paid for their contributions.

To recap, I prepared for my debut, like I would for a secondary school exam, consuming hours after hours of YouTube medium-related content, researching popular topics and publication requirements. Joining challenges and Facebook groups, to talk about nothing else but Medium. In the end, I had to face the sad conclusion that Medium.com was not a good fit for me at this time.


 As much as I love to write and express my thought on paper, the huge growing pile of binder sheets on which I drafted out my stories were not proving to be a good investment on my part.

Investment? You may ask, wasn’t this supposed to be about expression and enjoying the journey?

 And I would not refute that fact, but I will add to that statement by saying that when I get a good return for the time, I invest in a project I express and enjoy myself very well. Fair enough?

I Went Against the Advice of Others

There are many people that state that writers should enjoy the journey and that we should not chase money. Just do your thing and money will come to you. Well, that may be so in quite a lot of instances, but that hasn’t proven to be truth in these quarters. And a girl needs some stuff here.

I knew somewhere along the way; I had spread my net too wide, and that Medium was a good side gig for many writers. Some made a decent penny by writing on the platform. But my 8 months there had produced nothing but crickets and that too were few in numbers.

My Expectations

What I wanted from my writing on Medium was for her to take care of my writing expenses. Everything else I was involved in was an investment into a goal of a lifestyle of passive income. What I needed now was something that would take care of my present needs. And I had bought into the promises of the enthusiasts that Medium.com was a good place to get traction right away once you get it right.

Maybe they had gotten it wrong, or I did.

Whatever it was, it was time to accept the fact. Writing would not pay my bills currently. Especially writing on Medium.  

Jail Time

To top it off, I believe I was thrown in jail.

According to Casey Botticello who writes for Medium’s Blogging Guide. “Medium curation jail is a term used by Medium writers to describe their account being flagged, whether by a curator or through the Medium algorithm, which results in their new articles no longer being considered for curation.”

You can read the entire article here:-

Up to this day, I am not sure if I was placed in jail or not. But I was not getting views on my articles, so it is possible.

A Ray of Light:Maybe

Saturday, the 1st of May 2021, was going to be my last day on the Medium.com platform. My mind was made up and I had started saying my goodbyes. Yip, I was leaving. I wrote a reminder on a post-it and stuck it on my computer desk, where I place all my to-dos. But I forgot to check the date, and the day slipped by. I acknowledged Paypal’s payment confirmation text with a slap to my forehead and a deep sigh.

Maybe it was a sign that I was giving up too early. Or maybe it was just my overworked brain at it again. Time will tell.

Moving On with It

On May 2nd after that slip of the brain. I was still in the Medium.com payment program. Wanting to take a last shot of making back my 5 dollars investment, I began browsing through publications in which I could pitch some stories. At least if I get my 5 dollars back, that would be great.

Then I noticed a green logo with the word staff over it. I quickly skimmed through the page and then clicked on the top. I had been added as a writer on a very popular publication. I must say.

The story I submitted to that publication had been nicely declined with a polite rejection slip. And I had not gotten over the trudging to even consider approaching them again. Recently, though, they had sent me a pleasant note, asking if I was still interested in writing for them in the future, and if I was, I could contact them. But I had totally ignored it, thinking that it was just a courtesy message. But I must say, again, things were looking up.

But that was not all. Medium sent me a whooping 0.02 cents in May. Nice. Interesting.

Then I got another 0.22 cents. Cool. Lol. Enough to stay? No.


As I mentioned earlier, not a good return for my time now. But I am not totally closing the door on them. Maybe someday I will return. With guns blazing. Gel ink guns, that is.

Until then, cheers to my time on Medium. If any of you desire to try it, by all means, go ahead. Everyone’s story is different. You never know, you make be like the Medium.com success stories that I read at the beginning of my quest.

If you are interested in pursuing this course to the fullest, here are some books I can recommend for you. You can find them on Amazon.com.

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To your success.

Until next time. Take care.



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