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My start Up Blog Post

Why do you want to start a blog?

 That’s the question I faced from my 20-year-old son after he saw me browsing through the pages of the wide-world-of-blogging.

Yes, why do I want a blog, anyway? I ask myself in return.

 It had been three months since I began my research; to be truthful, if I cut out the days I could not get to my computer, it would work out to be about a month.

That was a lot for me, especially on one topic.

As a writer, I usually focus on writing what I know. I can do most of my research in an hour which is basically the best use of a particular word or term, or maybe the correct tense of another, that was right for the sentence I was trying to form. But here I am now, in the year I deemed my publish-or-die-year, and I am seemly preoccupied with something other than writing.

Why I Started my Blog

At the beginning of 2019, I was tired of making do and trying everything imaginable [legally lol] in my attempt to become financially independent, so I purchased a book entitled Outrageous Financial Abundance. After all the years of waiting, I surely welcomed the outrageous.

 I expected the author to direct me into some get rich quick scheme or at least make a boast about some warmed over methods I had tried before. Something to at least get me going until I fell into the broke slumps again. But this writer had something new to offer, and his advice was this, to the financially deprived individuals: GET OUT THERE AND MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I had tried that. Believe me. It did not work.

He then became specific, “whatever you believe you were born to do or could do from experience, do it and create your own wealth,”.

 This was new and worth giving an ear to. There was just one problem. All I enjoy doing is writing.

And I have been doing that ever since I could hold a pencil. I possess some high school education in several academic subjects, but no talent that I could experiment in.

The author went on to advise that the reader should plant some fruit trees in the vacant space around their house, and sell the produce, make an investment in something.

Gibberish I say, invest what? All I possessed are pipe dreams.

Then he went on to testify, that he bought a pig, bred it, and watch his pig farm grow from scratch to a six-figure industry.

Well, where was I going to get a pig?

And animals of any kind were strictly forbidden in my community, anyway.  

The second thing he did was to sell some stuff from around his home that was no longer in use.

That, my friend, was a no-no. My husband held on to his old things like his life source was contained within their core.

Needless to say, I felt motivated by his theory. Well, not to do any of the things he suggested; [Sorry author] but to get back to my first love; Writing.

Yes, I love to write. I have a four-drawer cabinet filled with scribbles on file pages. [my heirloom], but how was I to make money from that.

The author of the book was sure making some from the five dollars kindle book I had purchased. Sales ranging from five hundred thousand and upwards. But it takes money to make money, everyone knows that. How do I get from here to there? Was the question I needed answered.  

As the author suggested, I made a list of my passions and a list of what I had and linked them to get my direction.


Passion — Writing

What I had — A laptop.

What did I get from that link?  [drum roll] An online typing job.

Typing for money was the way I was going. Yip.

After one week of trying! Nope.

It was very competitive out there, and the payment was way below average. How do they do that for a living, anyway? I definitely had to try something else.

My next move

Set my goal.

What was my goal? Becoming financially independent. Well rich, would be the best abbreviation to use there.

How? By becoming a published author [New York Times bestselling author, mind you.]

What came next? What were my options?

With an ailing mother, five children, two grandchildren that needed my attention as desperately as I needed theirs. No technical skills. What could I do? Definitely not back to the manual work field. I had hung up my boots and gloves a year ago. They remain on the wall as souvenirs of time passed.

Yes, I definitely needed something I can do from home. I had tried a couple of online jobs before. The survey boards never responded to my applications and the book review thing; they contacted me, but when would I ever get enough time to read enough books to get me sufficient cash to meet my needs. [deep breath]

To google, I went, typed in On-Line Jobs From Home, number three on the list,

10 Real Work From Home Jobs, created by the Simple Dollar.

Sweet, that’s what I wanted real jobs for real money.

Three of the ten jobs stuck out for me

  1. Freelance Writer
  2. Data Entry
  3. Blogger

Freelance writer; pretty much topped the list of the three. The pay rates were high, but the requirement of an online writing portfolio, which included published writing samples in my resume, was something I did not have at the moment.

Data Entry; a much more accessible entry requirement, though the earnings were about half of that earned by the freelance writer. As stated, computer and typing skills were the most essential requirements.

Blogging; no encouragement there; apparently, a known fact. Most blogs do not make any income for years after being launched. The writer even stated that blogging was not much of a job.

It seems like freelance writing would have to be my method of acquiring the funds I needed to publish my manuscript.

A video later, I felt encouraged but not motivated. Why?


And that was not all. Most successful writers have a blog/website or page.

Somewhere they could meet and greet with their people and exchange ideas and advertise their products.

Try as I wanted too there was no getting away from starting a blog.

So I jumped in with both legs. It was sink or swim from here.

So what that said, it was back to google again!

Next step coming up.

Stay tuned.



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