My First 7 Steps As A New Blogger

                                                             {Day 1}

Hi again, it’s me, Denese. I know I said I would be back with you shortly, and I had every intention of doing that. But the truth is, I have been like a hamster running around on its wheel.  I tell you it’s a jungle out there. Words and facts, data, and information, all the same, but a lot.

This journey to New York Times bestseller status is turning out to be a lot of research. But it’s fun and I Am enjoying it thus far. I promise to keep you abreast with my findings. Ok? Deal!

Anyway, here I have the first seven steps I took as a blogging newbie.

          My first 7 blogging steps

  1. Make A To-do-list.

 This is obvious and to be truthful, for some totally unnecessary. But for me, if I don’t get myself one, I would soon be on the wheel again, this time in wonderland.

Here I have listed all the things I needed to do and the time frame in which I wanted to have it done.

  • 2]  Choose A Niche

I say [neech] I have heard others say [nitch] like an itch… potatoes, patadoes, I guess. It’s all the same.

A niche is your area of specialty, in whatever field you are interested in blogging or writing. I had studied business at a basic level in high school, but no way close to all the tech stuff we see surfacing today.

For me, I love writing, so I will stick to writing about my writing journey.

So, there you have your niche, knowledge, plus passion. You can’t beat that. Chances are if you love it, there will be millions of people that would love it too.

Some of the most popular blogging niches I saw were in finance, entrepreneurship, travel, education, health, and food. And of course, blogging.

3] Choose a blog name

Don’t tell anyone, but for a little while I was not sure what my blog’s name was.

I started with a few cool ideas, well at least I think it’s cool;

Here they are:  Zero to Hero.

Mellow to Millionaire, From broke to Success, Write to Success.

 I then stuck with what I intended to do with the blog which was a transition from blogger to author. So [wallah] there you have it,

        blogger to author

On, my welcome page says Denese Writings, and my domain is blogger to author.

  • 4]  Purchasing this

          That entails choosing a web host and blogging platform.

My platform of choice is WordPress. org because it the biggest, and everyone is using it.

Also, many bloggers recommend it as the platform to have. With Bluehost, the web host of the masses.

Hours of poking around Bluehost revealed that they have reasonably priced plans, but they base these plans on an annual contract basis. Not that much when you totaled the twelve payments. But way beyond my budget of zero dollars. 

So I apt to working with a web host called Namecheap. The name says it all. Their stellar hosting plan starts at $2.88 per month. Just less than 10 cents compared to Bluehost, but at least I get to come up with that figure monthly and not scratch my head about searching for an annual fee.

  • 5]  Next –  My domain.

I purchased a domain from Namecheap for the cost of one dollar for the first year. [.xyz] cheap, right!  Not recommended by the top bloggers who suggested that the .com and more popular suffix like .org and .net were easier for search engines to find.

I like it, though, besides it’s what I am doing anyway, figuring out the ABC of blogging, and it’s what I can afford at the moment. [this cost only covers the first year, the cost goes back up to somewhere around the price of the .com after twelve months.]

 I could always switch to .com after that if I want to.

The way I figured it is if by the end of twelve months, I can’t afford to pay ten bucks for an upgrade, then I am definitely in the wrong business.

All right, that said. I also added on a few paid apps that came with a first-month free option. I will see how that goes.

So, my blogging domain is [drumroll]

Not fancy, but as I said, I like it. Remember, though, The .com is easier to remember by followers, so if you can afford it, go right ahead and do that.

[HI, Guys, this is an update on my domain name, after posting for 6 months with no traffic I changed my blog name, to something that is easier for Google to work with, so I Can be found now at].

Now I know that I stress that I don’t have the money to do  anything, yet I am over here buying stuff. Here is the truth, and kids don’t try this at home. I used my husband’s credit card and then told him after the fact [pretty neat, eh?]

  • 6]  Setting Up My Website

Ok, so I don’t know a single thing about setting up a website. Some say it’s simple, just drag-and-drop stuff. But first, I can’t even find the stuff to drag, much less to drop the thing anywhere. I thought my hosting dashboard was the face of my website and tried to build it from there. [Again, neat, eh?],

I spend hours on my Namecheap account, trying to figure the thing out. Hours I could have spent writing my first blog. I was somewhat ashamed to ask for help from the Help Desk. The assistant will certainly think I was some sort of nut or a Martian at least.

Finally, I  swallowed my pride and reached out to Namecheap. I soon found out that the support team is very nice people with a fast response rate. It turns out that my plan did not come with an automated integration app for the WordPress site. They gave me a link that was easy to follow. And I was on my way.

WordPress is impressive but is too complicated for a new website builder like myself, so before long I was stuck. So again, I toiled hours and days on the internet trying to figure the thing out.

 Now I understood why everyone is charging for the stuff they learned. And blogging is such a big industry. So over to YouTube, I went because there I could learn from experts that I don’t have to pay from my empty pocket.

I sampled a few vlogs before I met a fantastic video guide. [Yes met, he is my friend now. I will tell him later.]

He is from a website called Ferdy; his name is Ferdy. And wow, he knows his stuff. And his directions are easy to follow.

After a million pause and rewind episodes, I got to a place I was comfortable with, not complete but workable. And I am off the mark.

  • 7]  Gathering My Equipment

I made a list of the things that I need and the things I have.

Hmm, I called this list; My Blogging essentials.


Pen, paper, notebooks, computer, a quiet space, knowledge.

The first five I can gather, but the other two, I definitely need to work out and accumulate. 

This will mean much vital research on my part. And a quiet place to write.

So I guess you know my next step. RESEARCH  and room swapping. 

See you around the corner.

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Take care.



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