7 Most Recommended Ways to Monetizing Your Blog

7 Most Recommended Ways to Monetizing Your Blog


7 Most Recommended Ways to Monetize Your Blog!

Hi, fellow bloggers and writers. How have you been doing?

I hope that all is well with you and your family, especially during this whole Covid-19 pandemic episode.

I know that life for many has undergone some drastic changes.

I keep myself grounded by focusing on my writing goals and by trying to help others as much as I can. Writing remains my passion and as my socio-economic status has made a slight shift (downhill) during this period, now I see a bigger need to focus my efforts on succeeding online through my writing. I hope you will too.

Ok, that said. Let us focus on our topic for today.

Monetizing Our Blog

This is a good honest way to generate some cash.

As aspiring best-selling authors, we need money to complete our publishing journey as there are various expenses we need to cover, such as fees for our book covers, proofreading and editorial services, advertising, and marketing.

 So, we need to start A.S.A.P.

Ready? Let us jump in!

Since we are shooting for the stars (aka best seller status) at a minimal cost, I will begin with a few free methods.

  1. Sponsored Posts

You can write articles for companies based on your speciality or niche and they will pay you for your work.

Company usually seek well-known writers to write about their products.

But for us beginners, we will need to send out proposals to prospective clients and continue to propose various companies until we hit the right spot.

You will need to have a few sample posts for your portfolio, so keep that in mind and you can start working on it.

How can this help with monetizing our blog?

Companies and clients usually allow the article writer to include their name or website at the bottom of the article. This could lead to a significant rise in blog traffic and potential customers that are interested in your area of speciality.

  • Affiliate marketing

This is probably the most popular method of blog monetizing, and the one most used by top bloggers. Primarily because you do not have to own product to sell but you can earn commission when you promote other people’s products to your audience and they purchase through your link.

  • Email Marketing

This is exactly as the name suggests. You are directly marketing goods and services to your customers via email.

For this method to thrive though, you must have an active email list.

You can send to your list of visitors, lead magnets and other specific items suitable to their interest on a weekly basis. (although I do receive daily emails from a few of my people.)

You can market your own products or affiliate offers via this method. Some of the most popular platform I know for creating great email-marketing systems and services are Convertkit and MailChimp.

You may also want to check out Aweber or Infusionsoft. I have never used these, but top bloggers have recommended them.

Email marketing is also a great way to build strong relationships with your readers.

  • Advertisements

Company like Google AdSense pays to have ads placed on popular sites and bloggers websites.

This method can generate income when visitors to your site click on the ads and make a purchase.

However, users of this method of monetizing claims to see a substantial amount in increase revenues, only after having thousands of visitors to their site daily.

  • Sell Digital Products

Choose digital products that relates to your niche and sell them to your visitors.

Digital product – can be e-books you wrote or someone else’s



Printable Products.

  • Sale of Physical Products

You can also make money by selling and shipping physical products that you write about or review on your blog.

Many bloggers do not enjoy packing and shipping products, so they use a method of getting the items to their customers through a program known as Dropshippings.

Dropshippings is like running an online store except that the supplier of the product handles the orders, inventory, shipping and returns once a customer makes a purchase on your site.

  • Sell Your Services

You can sell your expertise via your blog, through freelancing and one-on-one coaching services.

If you are confident about your skill as a writer, then you can use your blog to advertise your expertise and send out proposals to prospective clients.

Well, there you have it.

I tried to pick out the most popular and easiest of the methods I researched on monetizing a blog.

There are others, including writing e-books, podcasting, and hosting webinars to name a few.

And of course, as we grow, we will investigate those and try them as well. Okay?

So, Bestseller Tribe, let us get this monetizing thing happening this week.

Many people are sceptical about monetizing their blog, and some are even worried that many ads and monetizing widgets can scare off potential followers.

But we have got to live, and this is what we do.

So, chin up. You have got this.

You don’t have to start all at once, just choose a couple you can start with.

Let me know how it goes.

 I will try the affiliate marketing gig and will let you all know how it works out.

Until next time.

Take care.



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