How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog.

Do you want to get traffic to your blog?

Yes! Like yesterday!

You have finished your blog and are now wondering why no one is coming to visit? So, have I for five months I stood waiting for someone to walk into my store [my newly finished blog] but sadly no one came.

So, as I responsible storekeeper that I am, I gave them a personal invitation. One that would entice them to follow me to my place. But first I had to find out where they were. And where they are presently hanging out.

In-depth research showed that most of the online users hang out on-:

  1. Facebook [60.6%]
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest
  6. YouTube
  7. Reddit

This audience is comfortable where they are and pleasantly occupied with the ambiance of these platforms and scarcely have a reason to leave.

People do not leave where they love and are comfortable staying for lengthy periods. [I would know because I was that house on the block where all the community children gathered.]

But people come out when they need something.  When a gap in the comfort zone is established, or their security is disturbed or shaken by something or the other.

Whether it is their health, school, dating, marriage, etc.

And that is where you come in.

You will be the one waiting with the answer.

If you have it and if you can present it to them with clarity and style.

The invitation


Our task would be to present them with the answer to their problems. Promptly, and in an outstanding and captivating way.

Millions are vying for their attention and your goods must be unique. And something that they believe could solve their problem.

Set for traffic

So, before we go ahead–

Ensure that your website is operating smoothly,

test your contact form.

Ensure that your blog appears easily in the Google search bar and other internet explorer browsers.

 Double-check your contact info.

Ensure that your share buttons are working properly.

 I had someone check mines for me on their computer. Lol.

All done? Set for traffic? Is the website ready and waiting?


7 Steps to Get Traffic to Your Blog

  1. Increase Your Site Speed and Appeal

If your site is slow and takes over 30 seconds to load, it is possible that your visitors may move on to another site, especially those new visitors eager for information and not familiar with the content of your website.

A slow site increases your bounce rate and this can signal to Google that your site content does not satisfy visitors’ needs. And we do not need that.

You can increase your site speed by decreasing the size of the images used by inserting a WordPress plugin called WP Smush.

This plugin will automatically compress the images as you upload them.

You can also speed up your site by removing excessive plugins and add-ons. And minimizing the amount of content found on your first page.

For increasing your site’s appeal, the use of legible fonts, your site color, infographics, and videos can go a long way in securing your visitors interest and their time spent on your site.

  • Advertise

Paying for your site to appear at the top of Google search engine results is a brilliant method that you can use to get visitors to your site.

You may have to pay a price upfront to capture your audience’s attention among the other paying advertisers out there, but the payoff can be well worth the time and money as Google displays paid results for keyword searches before organic results.

I advise that you start with Google AdSense, it is easy to set up and very affordable.

And the sweetest thing is, it is owned by Google, the giant of the internet.

Getting a lot of traffic from Google, driven to your website daily can increase your social ranking when these visitors’ comment, share or refer to your site.

  • Promote your site through Email Marketing

Staying in touch with your visitors and subscribers through email marketing encourages customers’ loyalty and can be a highly effective tool in gaining site growth.

 By including links to your website in your content, visitors follow through where they can get more information on topics of interest.

Like with everything else, just ensure that you do not go overboard on the emailing and linking. Visitors can easily get turned off by excessive advertising.

  • Use Social Media Platforms

Social media is popular among online users and is one of the best free marketing tools in Blogosphere.

Posting on social media platforms is a must-do if you want visitors to your site.

Most people hang out on one social media platform or the other, and if you want to get them to turn their attention to your site, you may have to go out there and persuade them.

By targeting platforms suitable to your niche, you can drive traffic to your website and turn your social media audience into website visitors.

It is important to actively participate in ongoing activities with your community and interact with those that may be interest in learning from you in your chosen niche.

  • Ensure That Your content is Search Engine Optimized

You may have heard a lot about the scary giant called S.E.O. of the blogging world and believe me, it had me hiding out for months.

I was reluctant to approach it, just the thought of it got me scared.

It did not turn out to be such a large pit bull, though. Not sure if I got it perfect, but I am still working on that.

Google has a lot of factors relating to the method in which they rank articles for their search engine pages but for us writers, we can leave all that tech stuff to the professionals and focus our attention on the few that pertains to us as bloggers and writers.

  1. Optimize your headlines for Google search results by answering questions from recent searches of internet users.
  2. Aim for the best quality pose you can produce for all your posts. Do not skim on your content.
  3. Use the Yoast WordPress Plugin to check the status of your content. The plugin will check your prose based on your chosen keywords and offer suggestions for optimization.
  4. Include external and internal links.

  • Create A Community of Followers

By creating regular content, readers are more willing to connect and share with you than with other websites that may be irregular in communicating.

Allow and encourage your readers to comment and subscribe to your blog, connect with you on a pre-arranged basis and contact you for further help.

  • Guest Blog

 When a writer publishes a post on another person website or platform, is known as Guest blogging or guest posting.

By writing blogs for other sites in your niche, this allows visitors interested in your niche to notice you and give you the opportunity to spike their interest enough to follow you back to your site.

By generating awareness of your site, you can then promote your content or your products to your new visitors.


And there you have my top 7 picks for writers.

There are many others you will hear about on the internet.

My advice to you is to stick with the basic for now. And later, when your site is up and running efficiently, you may investigate the deeper end of the traffic generating system.

These elements of blogging takes time and dedication, focusing on a few at the beginning will be your best bet.

Some other traffic generating methods include -:

  1. Starting a Webinar.
  2. Starting a YouTube channel.
  3. Speaking at conferences.
  4. Starting a Podcast.

They may not be ideal for all writers. Our business is product driven, [that is the sale of our books].

And many other bloggers are into the service-driven business, [example teaching others about blogging].

Therefore, it is easy for them to focus extra on other matters.

It is good to know a little about the avenues available, especially as they may apply to building an additional following.

But only if we can do this on the side of our writing.

On the other hand, if you want to go deep and wide and you can spare the time, by all means, don’t let anyone stop you.

That is all from me at this time.

Remember to share this post if you like it.

And leave a comment below I will love to hear from you.

Until next time.

Take care.



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