How Amazon Commission Cuts Affected Me As A New Blogger

Should I give up or not?

I had just finished putting the finishing touches on my new blog with the help of a friend. My plan for April 14th was to finish with all outstanding fine-tuning and begin the next step of searching for traffic. My only traffic to date were a few spam bots, myself, and one of my friends. Deciding to burn the midnight oil and any other oil, I had to accomplish my target. I press on.

 It was 12.45 am [yes, that hour of the morning when the sane people are asleep] and I was struggling to keep my eyelids open. My bed was made  and called out to me in the insistent manner she always uses past midnight.

About to answer the call, I decided to gave my email one last check before going to bed. I soon changed my mind about it silently, planning to check it later in the day, at least when my eyes will be able to see the messages, and then just as quickly I changed it again and picked up my tablet from the nightstand.

The email headline from Spencer of popped out at me. Something or other about Amazon. Since this retail giant was the sole cause of my going to bed at this crazy hour of the morning, I clicked on the link only to see the devastating news.

Amazon had announced a huge cut to their affiliate commission program.

A flying saucer had landed on the house, and I was the only one seeing it.

Suddenly I was amid a panic attack, this was my dream, my new baby, affiliate marketing was my route to gaining the money I needed to publish my book.

My first thought, what was I going to do now? My second, why in the world did I wait so long to start? I should have gone ahead with the crew, got recruited with the first batch. The success stories of the successful Amazon affiliate bloggers I follow would soon cease to be an example that I could base my dreams on.

Hey, this is my turn, I have not had mine yet; I was coming for a piece when you closed the shop.

To say the least, I was shocked. Shocked that during the Covid-19 Pandemic when all life on earth was turning to the internet for support and all effects were being made to satisfy a nation’s crave for entertainment, that one of the greatest sources of entertainment and online resources would make such a bold, unexpected move.

I believed that if the world should crumble in bits and pieces around us, Amazon will stand as an integral part of our lives, as a fortress in our midst when it was all over.

But what do I know? I am just a starving writer with a head full of fantasy. And they are, well, AMAZON….

This company, I had learned from my examination of various blogs and articles, is listed as the best affiliate program option and the easiest to manage for new partners and website owners. With commission ranging from four to ten percent. Of course, other markets offer affiliate programs, but they know Amazon to be the largest E-Commerce service provider in the world.

Many can take heart, though the commission had not been omitted completely, just operating at a lower rate.

And there is a light for some blogger and website owners. This commission cut does not affect all categories of Amazon products. But I have yet to confirm which products are exempted. Maybe there is still hope for what I want to sell. And there are other affiliate programs.

Few bloggers seemed moved by this news as they never send out newsletters addressing the topic.

 I guess they handled the news well, at least better than I did. And they will know better than most that these happenings are not new as Amazon had made commission cuts before, during the last twenty years, or so of their affiliate program.

Well, to say the least, I am happy that the affiliate program completely terminated. There is still light there for me, [and you know my craze about lights]. And we still have that goal about pursuing our book deal. Starting with our e-book launch on Amazon. Now more than ever we need to pursue that rainbow before that avenue changes. No one knows what the world will be like after the coronavirus Pandemic.

But for me here at I am pressing on. Something has got to give.

What’s the point of starting a journey if we are not equipped for the bumps and potholes in the road?

Although where you live probably, do not have those, just picture it. Lol.

Roadblocks and stumbling blocks once stepped on, takes you to a higher altitude.

So step on. Onwards we go.

Until next time.

Take care.


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