7 Essential WordPress Plugins for Beginners

You have finished setting up your blog and wonder what’s next.

  I have been there.

Today marks the third month since I purchased my domain and started learning about the art of blogging. A gentle milestone [applause please].

I don’t have many online activities to report, as most of my time had been spent reading and learning about the blog world.

This may not even seem too good of a report for many, but since I am learning as I go; because blogging is a whole unfamiliar concept to me, I believe I could give myself a five. Well, maybe four might be more appropriate.

I am proud of myself. Behind the scenes, a lot went into the journey from start to where I am today.

I have had a lot of struggles. Inwardly to the point where I have convinced myself that I was on the wrong route, chasing the wrong destiny. And outwardly, where I struggle to learn and apply a lot of the things that are new to me.

But as I said before, I am proud of where I am today, and I hope you are too.


From where I stand now, the road ahead is not crystal clear, but there is a glimmer of light on the horizon.

 Chin up bloggers; we are not giving up.

So, three months marks the amount of time I set for myself to perfect my blog, and I will round that of today. By applying the polish to my fully loaded vehicle [aka blog] and getting set for traffic.

Believe me, this traffic is moving at top speed, and we must get our merging skills right to avoid getting knocked off the tuff.

Are you ready? Let’s jump in.

Below I have compiled a list of plugins that I have added to my site to achieve optimum results for my next step.

Here they are.


  1. Yoast SEO

This plugin is probably the most essential plugin any blogger can install because this is what makes your website rank high in search engines.

Yoast is used for streamlining tags across other data analytic platforms. It also provides feedback on your blogs and highlights where there is a need for improvements. Overall, a convenient plugin.


This plugin filters out spam. A necessity for every website. [Everyone hates spam].


This plugin is used as a content management system. It regulates heavy traffic so that it will not affect the productivity of your website.


A must-have plugin for all WordPress accounts. It is a free plugin and allows the readers of your blog to leave feedback and comments.


This is a very popular and useful plugin that operates as a floating social media share bar. Using as a marketing strategy, this plugin is a method for your readers to share your content on their social media accounts.


This plugin is what I call the scary one for new bloggers because it informs you of your site progress and gives updates of the number of daily subscribers and visitors to your blog. It also gleans information on the length of time visitors spent on your site.


Although there are many backup systems to choose from, Backup Buddy is free to use and is highly recommended on the internet for WordPress websites.

This backup program ensures that all your hard earn website content is backed up and safe. And again, we love free. Thank you very much.


And just to throw in a few extras for you, though not necessary for the functionality of your blog, but useful anyway, you can use these according to your style and preference.

 Check these out

  1. CLICK TO TWEET–    This plugin allows you to place a button next to a quote inside your blog post that allows your subscribers to easily post these quotes directly to their twitter account.

  • WP OPTIMIZE – This plugin operates as a clean-up tool that works to keep your website performance at an optimized level.

  • EDITORIAL CALENDAR – This is using for keeping track of all your present and future tasks and allows you to organize and easily schedule the content for your site. You can lay your future blog ideas out on the calendar, and then can easily drag them to rearrange dates and schedules. And this calendar also allows edits.

Its capacity is somewhat limited, but it’s suitable for minor tasks and perfect for emerging bloggers, like me.


This plugin creates forms for WordPress sites that allow subscribers to sign up on your website. The sign-up process can be made a whole lot easier by using this plugin.

While we are on the topic of plugins, I would like to put a plug in right here, [pun intended], and mention the importance of adding a mailing list while you are at this junction, with a viable email newsletter platform.

The top bloggers recommended MailChimp and Convertkit as the best options.

I choose to work with MailChimp because their free account allows you to add up to 2000 subscribers to your mailing list. Also, it’s pretty cool. I love it.

  • SHORTLINKS by Pretty Links

This plugin allows the blogger to create links that include their website and domain names and other quotes that are easy to remember.

An Important Reminder

Remember, before you install any plugin, you can always learn about its functions by clicking on the READ MORE link next to its name.

Again, remember the more plugins you install on your PC can slow down the speed of your website.

But otherwise, plug away, experiment with a few, and have some fun.

Until next time

Take care.


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